Thursday, 20 May 2010

Presents, Garden and Flowers.
Here are some of my lovely presents that I got for my birthday there are lots more I was very lucky.
My gardens is coming on nicely and everyday I find something new coming up. I am off to get raffle prizes today I thing a rose or two, vouches and what ever takes my fancy.
The weather is great at moment, out in garden with a book till 10 0'clock last night bats flying around.
Have a great weekend what ever you are doing.Lesley.x 


  1. Lovely presents and flowers!!

  2. Hello.. I am so very glad you stopped by and left kind words... I have never been on your blog before and find you are a florist... I retired from the industry after 26 + years..I will find your blog to be intersting... It is so nice to meet you.

  3. Hello, Lesley,
    I enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful birthday presents. Happy Birthday to you somewhat late. Your flowers are gorgeous, and I absolutely love your aqua hutch. Thank you so much for coming by Bunny Cottage. I am so happy to have met you! Blessings to you~ Vicki