Saturday, 26 June 2010

Look at what I got for a £1.00
This is what I did with some of them. I used them to make my table look pretty at open gardens.
This one is to match my lovely give away gift from bellboo.
This a tea towel from Laura Ashley.
It looked lovely in the garden.
I loved it so much I made two.
Here is my dear friend Caroline at open gardens.

Here is Jenny who lives in the cottage next door.
The open gardens was for her this year as she started her treatment just before Christmas and as about 2 weeks to go.
We all cried then she lost her hair.
But Jen just give us a cuddle and said she was fine.
 I love Jen and so does everyone around, here she is a very quite lady.
The open gardens is for all the Jenny's of this world to let them know that we care very much about them.
Take care of yourself.
 I am off on holiday with my sister and James.x 


  1. Your cloths look lovely. I'm glad your garden opening went well.

  2. All looks so lovely, glad the garden opening went well, and best wishes to Jenny

    Hugs RosieP x

  3. Your cottage and gardens look amazing! and lovely story about your friend Jenny ;-) Xx