Wednesday, 4 August 2010

                                               Look what a very kind Lady give to me!
She come to the open gardens and said that she loved the fact that we used lovely old china. Then said that she would have a look at what she had and would pass some on to me.YES PLEASE!
This morning Jenny when for coffee and then come home with these for me.

                                                                        I love it all.


  1. Lucky's all so beautiful! xxx

  2. Love the tea cups and saucers very unusual, and even better when there free ;-)

  3. I adore the pink and yellow cups and saucers.

    Its no good, I am going to have to stop being a slut (drinking from mugs!) and get myself some lovely bone china cups and saucers.

    I seem to have a yearning for them lately:)
    Michelle x

  4. Ooh lucky lucky you! i love it niece is going to a wedding this weekend and its all going to be "tea partyish" so jealous.. i am on baby sitting duty but i have told her to take lots of pics for me..xx

  5. What a kind gesture! They are lovely.


  6. I just happened on your blog and was so pleased to see such lovely china! I do like the slightly ruffled yellow and white set - would you mind posting what company made then? I'm now wondering if I could find any of them in the States...

  7. Wow you lucky thing with all that free china...I am so jealous....its like the madhatters tea party!!!xxx

  8. Oh my! So very pretty!!!

  9. What lovely china. We have 'special' bone cups and saucers for our grandchildren when they visit and with 11 of them it is sometimes difficult to remember who's is whos needless to say they never forget and take great delight in telling me if I made a mistake!

  10. It's all so pretty!! What a kind lady!
    Well done on all that money you have helped to raise, what a star! : )

    Sharon xx