Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Had a great night out last night with my wonderful friends and lovely sister.
It was a Breakthrough Breast Cancer Fun night.
Oh we did have fun, My friends are as mad as me bless them.
I think they missed me when a was away as we spend so much time together.
Jenny is doing so well I love her to bit so do all of our friends.
There was a lady that we meet last night that had , had breast cancer 10 years ago she was telling Jenny that she had to live life to the full now and do all the things that she wanted to.
Oh she does not know our Jenny.
She is a lovely quite lady who loves and is very loved by her family.
Even breast cancer will not change her thankfully.
I did feel very sad for this lady who felt that she was not living before, she so need to join our group of friends "she would have to be mad too !"
Happy days and wonderful friends.x 


  1. Good to see you having a great night out in a good cause. I think having BC clarifies your view on life ... you may have always lived life to the full before, but now you really know just how precious each day is!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. I agree with the comment you just left on my post ... lots of people have something to say. I think for some people it's hard to find words, so they say anything that comes into their heads not realising how upsetting it can be. My worst moment was being trapped with a woman who proceded to tell me about every single person she had ever known who had had cancer, and what happened to them ... most died! AAAAAHHHHH! The best people are those friends who let you cry all over them!
    Love Kathy xxx