Sunday, 31 October 2010

Look what come this week!
I am going to have a go at this tea cosy, not very good at knitting but love it so will do my best.
Took James to Reading Uni and he loved it he is hoping to become a Primary School Teacher.
This is something he as always said he would love to be.
We are going to cross everything as there are only 30 places.
Percy is loving his walks, running about in the leafs.
This is such a lovely time of year with all the changing colours.
Have pumpkin ready for tonight for the children that come to call.
Will add photo tomorrow if I have the time.
It was Tase's birthday so we went around to Eleanor's to sew this week.(we meet every Monday to sew at Tase's)
Eleanor had got her fire going very nice. 2 cake to eat both from M&S. Eleanor had to busy weekend so did not have time to make any she makes the best chocolate cake ever!
Here are some of my friends that come to sew.

Have a great Sunday I love reading your blogs.
Take care Love Lesley.x


  1. Hi, Lesley - thanks for visiting my (newish) blog! This blogging is good fun, isn't it?! Your flowers look gorgeous. Glad you had such good news recently re breast cancer - my sister-in-law had a similar scare, but is fine. It's horrid waiting to hear, though, isn't it? Hope things work out for your son. I have 3 daughters and two of them are teachers! Best wishes, Abby

  2. I'm looking forward to Kirsty's new series this week. The book looks good too!
    Fingers crossed for your son ... teaching's really hard to get into these days. It's the same here in the North West! Nice to see he has a 'plan'. My 18 year old boy has no idea what he wants to do. Meanwhile the gap year is turning into a sleep year!!!
    Have a good week!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. Im waiting for Kirsty too! Tuesday nights will be the best! I am doing the same as you with a son in Y13 applying for Primary teaching. He wants to go to Chester, we are just hoping that being male may help to get in!
    Heather x