Monday, 20 December 2010

Have been away for the weekend.
Went to see.
It was really very good.Sadly lots of people did not make it because of the weather.
Us girls danced about and had a good sing along.

Had a good look around the shops and Christmas market.
There was a lot of snow when we come home.
We had more last night so it is lovely out there.
They are saying it is going to be gone by Christmas I so hope not!
The children are having so much fun playing out in it.
Percy loves it.

Just some more pictures of our weekend away.
James has been offered a place at Cardiff uni.
I think it would be a great place but he really is hoping to go to Reading so fingers crossed.
He has an interview there in January.
One of his friends has just got a place at Oxford. What I love about James and all his friends is that they really care about each other. They are so pleased for him. He has work so hard
Most of James friends think he is mad to go into teaching as they think that there is not enough money in it.
But they know that it is want is heart is set on.
One more picture of the cottage in the snow.

Take care of yourself and have a very Merry Christmas
Love Lesley.x

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  1. Merry Christmas, hope you and your family have a lovely time.