Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Happy Days

My bedroom is nearly all done just hoping to find some nice flower pictures to go up above my head.
I love the blue paint it is Laura Ashley sky blue and it was half price.
Makes my bed stand out lovely.
Emails still not working, but not going to worry about it.

 This little fellow was happy this morning.
There are so many birds in the garden now.
I am thinking about getting a Dovecote as anyone got one are they a good or bad thing to have in your garden. How easy is it to get the doves to stay.

This is something that my wonderful Dad made me along time ago.It is getting a little bit old now but I will never part with it,Dad Made me some window boxes too, one had got so old it had to come off Mr D has turned it into a raised bed for my sweet peas as I do not want to part with it.
My Dad loved the garden and he loved the open gardens that we have here.
So when I am out in the garden I am sure he is not far away.
He would say that it is to early and you have to wait, something that I am not good at!
Oh well happy days Love Lesley.x

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