Tuesday, 1 March 2011

White Rabbits,White Rabbits, White Rabbits

Oh yes its the 1st March.
Maybe we will get some very needed Sunshine.
Please Please Please!
This weather is really getting me down.
Look what I got from Sainbury's they are great.
These will be just perfect for our open gardens.
Have had a play and made these.

I am so pleased with these they are so easy to use.

My lovely Friend was 60 today so she got some for her family.
Hope she likes them.

I have been given these tickets to the Gala Evening at the Country Living Show Wednesday 23rd March.
But sadly can't go if anyone would like them just let me know. I have four Tickets.
It is such a lovely place to go I will be going on the Sunday Finger crossed.

Busy tidy up the kitchen. Out with the Red and in with the Blue.
Hope March is Kind to you!
Lesley x


  1. I'm definately going to pop into Sainsbury's tomorrow to get some of those boxes. Your rosy cakes look fantastic ... your friend is very lucky.

  2. The boxes look fabulous, the cupcakes too!

  3. I am going to find a sainsburys and go and get some of those boxes. Also how do you get the lovely roses on top of the cupcakes? Are they easy to do? Someone has also just brought me a cupcake stand so thought i should put to use. x

  4. The problem with blogging I see lots of things I like….I might have to pop out later to Sainsburys. :-)

    Lou xxx