Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Yes he is enjoying his pint with his Dad.
Come out with us then hit the town with mates.
Oh to be 18 again!
Mr D helped me in the garden at the weekend.
Really enjoying this weather.
This is the front garden last year.

This is the lake just down the road that Percy and I enjoy a walk around.
I love seeing all the changes each day as the weather is warming up.

Lots of men fishing.
I have been out to lake to help Mr D to get his boat ready for this seasons.
He will be off every weekend soon.
I love it because he is happy and I can do what ever I like.
Lots of brownies being made I love them!

 One of my little plates I got for 1p when the local WI was closing down to group up with another group.

James home made cake but he like this one best.

It was really very nice I love the icing best.
My poor teeth.
Off to Country Living show on Sunday finger crossed, in need off some girlie time.

Missing these little fellows I loved them in the garden.
They both died off old age.
But the good news is that someone is giving me 3 hens next week so fresh eggs again great.
Will take photo off them when they come.

Enjoy your day! Love Lesley.x

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  1. Everything looks beautiful Lesley! I like watching the seasons change the scenery too. The big trees behind our house are finally getting their leaves. I keep watching the hawk break twigs for her nest. Spring is just a couple of days away!
    xo, Amber