Sunday, 10 April 2011

Oh loving the sun!

Well that was a really lovely weekend.
Did lots of gardening, sat about and enjoyed the garden looking at books and mags.
James come out for a little chat!
Sadly we talked about him going to Uni.
I think October is going to come far to soon for my liking, but the sun is out and I have him in the garden with me.

The apple tree is coming out in blossom and smell wonderful.

Dusted off my lovely deck chairs not a great photo of them they are pink and very pretty.

No sorry still no better will take close up for you soon.
Lots of birds in the garden singing for me. Teaching Mr D which one is which.The black bird talks to you, the blue tit has the highest song and the Robbin's just tell you that they are around and to look at how beautiful they can sing.
Well the doves they are to busy falling in love to even see us there. 

Jugs of flowers in ever room.

Oh yes that's better mum, running around that garden is just to much fun.
Hope you all had a great weekend and if you are off work enjoy.
Wish I was I still work part time as a cook in a children's nursery.
Have been there 14 years and love the kids to much to give it up.
Off to doctors tomorrow about my breast again still very painful and I need to know it is OK.
Love Lesley x

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  1. Yes, it was a lovely weekend here too!
    Get that checked out ... good luck!