Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sorry not much to blog about here. James is back at Uni now, so Jan is just passing by fast.
My 1st wedding for 2012.
Have been given a CK tea cosy which I love.Need to put more colour into this cottage!
Have been having ago at making bread have booked on to a course in Feb down at the farm so hope to make much more this year.
Enjoying baking in my new oven,
Percy and I have been walking with Misty and Jenny. " Jenny's feet!"
I will leave you with this beautiful evening sky.Hope I have not bored you!!! Take care Love Lesley.x


  1. I can smell that bread baking....

  2. I love the tea cosy and the bread looks delicious! Enjoy your day!

  3. Hello,

    We have the same cosy! Mine was an ebay find...missing bobble...but I love it!

    You cottage is looking lovely!

  4. No way have you bored us. Your kitchen looks so lovely, and cosy, warm, woolly cosy for the teapot & hot homebaked bread - mmmmmmmmmm !!!

    Sharon xx

  5. Hello, i've got that tea cosy, not that you needed to know that. I really want to get back into making my own bread. And how could you ever bore us......

    Lou xxx

  6. Never boring! I am impressed with your bread and cake. My Victoria sandwiches are ever only about half that height (perhaps it's because I eat so much of the cake mixture!). Bet that bread is delicious with butter and strawberry jam. MMMMMM.

  7. Love your pretty bunting above the cooker..and your bread and cake look sooooo yummy! Have just made a cake for tea tomorrow,but it's not nice and risen like yours.
    Have a happy weekend! :0)