Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Oh this week is going as fast as the last. Had a very bad tummy bug last week so Percy and I spent the day on the sofa.He is just such a good boy.
I have been looking on ebay for more china but have had no luck.I must say you can spend hours just looking on there."well I can"
James come home for the weekend.3 weeks of washing not great!It was just so lovely to have him home. There is just such a calm feeling when he is around.He had his hair cut and we went to the outlet to buy new shirts as he is going into placement this term. 4 days in class.He is so looking forward to it.Next term he will go for 4 weeks.He thinks he would like to teach little people 5 to 6 year olds.But we will have to wait and see I just hope he can get a job at the end of his 4 years.
Still doing lots of baking.Went to meet the old ladies that will be coimg to me for afternoon tea I will be having that in July.These lovely ladies are just so funny I am so looking forward to it. Oh yes just before I go hello and welcome to my new followers I do hope you stay. I am off to Reading next wednesday to spend the day with James so will have a look around the shops to put together my next giveway.I will do that the end of next week.James tells me they have lovely CK shop there so watch this space!!! Take care of yourself Love Lesley x


  1. I had the tummy bug too - it was nasty! Your boy is very handsome and sounds lovely - Its easy ro see why you are so proud of him. Good Luck with your china search, my pal has an etsy shop (on my side bar) if there is anything of interest to your there. The charity shops round my way often have fab china. xxxx

  2. Hi Lesley, hope you are feeling much better. Enjoy your time with your son and Reading next week...I hope you find some china. Ebay tends to be quite expensive for Vintage finds, at least I have found so. Antique fairs and village markets sometimes tend to be cheaper. Happy hunting. Sharon

  3. Hi Lesley,I have just found you and started following you,have a lovely time in Reading with your son and I look forward to reading your next post.Love Jill xx

  4. hello lesley, great to have james home eh!( and his washing)i too have been collecting china for daughters vintage wedding... april 2013..so i have plenty of time, so far we have about 60 cups n saucers n sideplates and a few lovely teapots for flowers, was wondering if you have any ideas for flowers for these? (we also have sons wedding this xmas but in new york so flowers are sorted for him!) thanks jackie <3