Saturday, 24 March 2012

What wonderful weather!

I have been busy in the garden and loving it.
Filling everthing I can.
Let Percy in greenhouse "Big Mistake" anyone want mad dog no return!!! no sorry not really love him to much.
Off to get James now 3 weeks of washing thank goodness it's lovely weather my line will not know what as hit it. Hope you all have a great weekend take care love Lesley x


  1. lol, Bertie does the same thing. It is so lovely out there today. Have a fab weekend in the garden & washing. ;)

    Lou xxx

  2. Lovely basket of flowers a very cheeky doggie,enjoy your time with James Love Jill xx

  3. Your planting looks great, big pat on the back for you Lesley.
    Love Percy's contribution.
    Hope you get everything done and make full use of this fab weather we're having.

    Joasia x