Monday, 11 June 2012

Open Gardens weekend

This weekend is our Open Gardens weekend. Sadly the weather is not looking great. But the gardeners are ready! Here are some of the gardens we saw at out preview on sunday. Oh yes here are My foxgloves. This is our 10th year. Sadly with me still getting over the opp I am hoping it is going to be ok. If only one person knows how much We care I will be happy. My door will always be open for anyone that needs me, be it for a coffee and chat or just a hug. Over the weekend I will meet lots of people who have been down this lonely road of breast cancer themselfs or someone they love. Will let you know all about it next week. Take care Love Lesley.x


  1. Good luck with your Open Gardens event. We opened our garden some years ago for the NGS so I know what hard work it is!!
    Love Helen xx

  2. Everything looks very "lush" with all the rain we've been having, the foxgloves are gorgeous, hope it all goes well, Lucey x

  3. Good Luck with the open gardens, it all looks wonderful!
    Thea x

  4. Good luck with the weather for the weekend! We are open on 23rd and 24th June so beavering away right now. The colours against the red brick look lovely (sometimes this is tricky).

  5. I hope the weather over the weekend is better than the forecast. It is such a shame when everyone has worked hard to get their gardens ready. I love the colour of your foxgloves, they are so beautiful.
    Sarah x

  6. Lesley,
    I really,really wish you the most wonderful turnout. People will appreciate all the love,care and effort that's gone into this worthy cause.
    You should be so proud of yourself and all your co participants.
    Sending you all the positive energies etc.
    Joasia x

  7. I love your beautiful foxgloves and I really hope the weather stays dry for you. I'm sure people will turn up regardless of the weather for such a good cause. Take care and don't overdo it!