Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My quilt is coming along great.It will be up for sell soon. This is my friend Tase, we meet up every monday to sew and chat.About 8 of us in all.Her house is a quilters heaven. I have been picking sweetpeas to make my cottage smell nice.
Found this at a C/Sfor £2.50
Love,love,love it! Having afternoon tea on sunday for Ladies and Gents think there will be 9 coming do't know if we will get them all in the dining room. Will take pictures and show you next week. I am off to hospital for check up today hope all is well."after opp". Take care Love Lesley x


  1. *wow* your quilt looks amazing.

    Nina x

  2. Fab quilt Lesley, and love your C/S find!
    Victoria xx

  3. What a wonderful way to quilt, with friends in a special place :) Have a lovely time on Sunday. x

  4. I think having friends around to create with you gives you some motivation, what a great idea.

  5. thank you lesley, you are superly kind, i will link back to your blog with thanks- i adore your quilt and home + all the vintage treasures ;0)x

  6. Hello Lesley,
    I found you over at "Down by the Sea" Sarah's beautiful blog.
    I like the sound of your blog and the things that you do.
    I love the finds from your last post.
    Your new quilt looks divine. lots of hard work gone into it.
    I am following you
    wishing you a happy weekend
    hope to see you my side of the Atlantic.

  7. Hello Lesley, What a fabulous quilt! You have a wonderful workroom too :o)
    Popped over to thank you for your sweet comments, I've had a quick look around, I like your place too - I'm sure to be back.
    Hope you had fun today...
    Best wishes
    Rose H