Monday, 23 August 2010

My lovely new book that come yesterday. Have only had a quick peep as I am waiting to be able to sit down and enjoy on my own with out anyone asking me to do anything for them.
Flowers from this weeks photo shoot will post pictures when I get them back.
Have painted the dresser in one of my bathrooms.
Very pleased with it.
It's is hard to get a good photo of my bathroom as it is a funny shape.
That is why I love it so much. Every room in this cottage is like that.
Take care Lesley. 


  1. Lesley, your cottage is adorable!
    ;) Amber

  2. Hi Lesley, just found you and your lovely blog! Beautiful bathroom and flowers arrangements!

  3. Hope you've had a chance to sit down and read you new book! Your painted dresser looks does your bathroom.I would love a spacious bathroom like that. ;o)

  4. lovely!

    Take a peak! Our first blog.