Monday, 15 November 2010

Hello everyone,
Hope you are all well and happy, I am trying to slow down and trying to think about Christmas presents for family and friends.
I am hoping to make a few and as always give flowers and potted bulbs.
I was thinking about not having a real Christmas tree this year but James is not happy he said it just will not be Christmas without dad and him going to get it for us.
So we will have to wait and see.
Last Christmas was so hard without my wonderful Dad.
We decided to go to our cottage in somerset as we just need to get away. So filled the car with everything but the tree. Got there lit the fire put up fairy lights and just waited for it to be over.
So this year we will stay at home, my sister and my Dad,s friend Kay will come.
I am hoping things will be back to normal for us this year.
 On the flower front still ticking on.
This weekend Jenny's Ellie who is getting married today in Cornwall.
Come around to do her flowers. It was so lovely to help her, she is a florist, to but now works in a beautiful walled garden as one of the main gardeners.
I was going to take photos but Elle was so worried about it all that decided not to add anymore pressure on her. Will post when she come home with wedding photos,
Percy and me are loving our morning walks now it is so cold and everything looks so beautiful.
Will take some picture for you to see, as will have a big lake just by us that look so lovely when it is all frosty and white.
Must go know as James need to talk to me as he as his breakfast.
Take care of yourself Love Lesley.

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