Tuesday, 16 November 2010

It is really odd here at Riddler's Cottage.
All James friends are turning 18 and many of them are driving their own cars.
To see James friends many I have know from babies is so weird.
They look the same OK much bigger most are over 6ft.
Many have deep voices and face hair,but are the same little chaps to me.They know there is always an open door and plenty of cake to eat.
It is hard letting James go off in one of their cars when you know they have only passed the day before.
Here going to Mike's party Friday oh no, no sleep for me.
They are busy deciding on ui's to go to.
Mr D is busy helping James to sort things out we try not to talk about him going away as it is not something we are not looking forward to but will not let him know.
Take care Lesley. 


  1. I'm at the exact same stage, as Tom was 18 in the summer. He's been going out with friends in their cars for a while now, and it's the hardest thing in the world not to worry. Tom has his own driving test coming up soon ... I'll just have to learn to cope. My daughter is 23 and drives between home and Newcastle on a regular basis and I still worry. I suppose it's what parents will always do!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Help! My eldest is 16 and i have all this looming on the horizon!! I think i will have to take up meditation or some other calming activity, I'm dreading it. And yet, nothing i want more than to see them confident, independent adults living their own lives with full of energy and friendships - being a mum is such an emotional conundrum!! x

  3. Oh my sweet sweet friend....I know the feeling. My oldest just turned 20 and it's scary. Hang in there~

  4. I know exactly what you mean, my daughter always used to have huge sleepovers with 7 or 8 friends all bunking down on the floor in sleeping bags, now they are all grown up and some have even got little ones of their own. All I can say is where did the years go.
    If you get a chance to get over to Brackley it is well worth a visit - a couple of hours canbe spent there easily or if not try A Most Marvelous Place to Shop in Northampton that is also worth the trip.