Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Flowers for a Girl who turned 40 and loves pink and gip.
I love doing baskets of flowers.
Here is my nice newly painted study now need to go and buy some nice things to go in it.
Very pleased with it Thank you Mr D.

I love this photo of my James.
Last interview tomorrow thank goodness then we will have to wait and see what come up. He is busy doing retakes he got B,s and wanted A,s.

I put this teapot up about 5 years ago and every year the Robins nest in it.
Why don't you have a go.
This one is just outside the kitchen window so I can watch them when enjoying my morning coffee.

Oh would anyone like these. They were given to me to use in my displays at wedding fairs.
I only did a couple not my thing!
Brides find me, not me going looking for them.
They are only very small about a 3 or 4.

This is a better photo of them.
Just let me know.
Off to make some nice brownies now for my boys and ME.
Hope February is a great month for you,
Love Lesley,x


  1. The teapot/nest is such a sweet idea! Most envious of your study!

  2. Love the gingham cover on your office chair....cute wedding shoes...xx

  3. How pretty those flowers are and I think the tea pot is a great idea thanks for sharing, Lucey xx

  4. Stunning flowers, my nephew gets married on 30th april(the day after William and Kate).. and i cant wait to see all the floral displays, i shall be making our button holes for the day so fingers crossed they work out!!X

  5. Hi there, love the pink flowers i am a pink girl and my boyfriend is only in the kitchen though it is a sea of pink with a pink fridge!

    Do you still have the shoes? I am doing my first ever proper flower demonstration for a NAFAS club in Olney in May and my title is "Here Comes the Bride" which will be one of my titles once I have passed my demonstrator test in 2012. I also do competitions too so would get well used. Amanda xx

    PS the study is beautiful probably a bit warmer than my lavender shed!

  6. Thank you Lesley, I have emailed my address to the email address on your website. Amanda x