Friday, 28 January 2011

Hello how are you ?.
At Riddler's it is a little busy.
James has been going to interviews for Uni.
He would love to go to Reading we are crossing every thing for him.
They said they got 480 applicants and 60 go interviews and they think there maybe about 25 places."HELP"
Mr D as started to paint the study.

Got myself some nice new postcards "well I like them"

I so love this little man.
When he first had his coat cut he looked naked but looks better now.
Poor Thing !

Love my new bag from my sister for Christmas.
Have these in the house as they are meant to bring luck if you have them in the house in January.

It is so hard to think that this year James will be going off to Uni and that it will be just me and Mr D.
Oh must not think about that.
Hope you have a great weekend
Take care Love Lesley.x


  1. I, too, know all about loving sons and cocker spaniels, so I appreciate how you must feel! x

  2. Hello, Poppy has just had her hair cut, she looks like a poodle at the moment. Ditto with the Uni, Ben has still got more interviews to go too. Good luck to James!
    Lou xxx

    PS. Percy looks gorgeous!

  3. love your CK bag! I've got a couple of her blue ones but I really want one a red floral one like that too:) Lovely flowers too, so nice and cheerful when the weather is still so horrible and drab! jenny xxx

  4. I've just stumbled across your lovely blog, where have you been hiding??? It's lovely, I'm going to have a good old nosey round, love your bag too Lucey xx