Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Great News and a Give Away.

The great news is that James as got a place at Ready Uni.
He really, really wanted to go there.
As a Mum it is so hard at times, James as always wanted to be a teacher.
Going to interviews with him and seeing how few places there are is really hard.
But lucky for him we are one step closer to fulfilling his dream.
"I know this is not a great photo of me but it show just how happy I am.

My bunting is up.
I have enjoyed baking and tidy the cottage.

I love this book.
Hope you will too!
Just tell me what makes you happy.
I will be putting some more goodies in too.
From a very happy Riddler's Cottage.
Love Lesley.x


  1. Well done to James. I know how hard it is to get places on teaching courses! I hope he really enjoys it!

  2. Thats good news and funnily enough what made me happy last friday. My daughter confirmed she had a place at her chosen college. OK she had every chance of getting in but you never know. Bet you're all over the moon!

  3. Good news about your son.

    The bunting has given me inspiration to give it a go, and the cake gorgeous i have recently been watching the Lorraine Pascal programme Baking Made Easy and brought the book, i am going to make the choccy cake if i get a chance at the weekend.

    What makes me happy is that licky kiss i get from my little woofly Watson everytime i come home, and the unconditional love that oozes from every paw! x

  4. Congrats to James,great news...my daughter also got to her chosen uni a few years back and boy did we celebrate!then she worried about getting a job but was lucky to get one in the local primary school, she so loves being a teacher something she wanted to be since aged 8 yrs,so i feel your joy for James brilliant news, What makes me happy is my kids being happy,(daughter has just told me she is moving out)...WHEY! i can a craft room at long last! xxx

  5. Congratulations to your son!
    Great news! We're in between this year with DD graduating this summer, DS2 in his first year and DS3 in year 12 so still at school!
    So what makes me happy?? having all my family at home!!

  6. Congratulations to your Son!

    Happiness is...finding that chocolate ripple you thought you didn't have.

  7. Congratulations to James. It must be such a weight off your mind to know he has a place. We are waiting to hear if Jose has an interview for the London Fashion & Retail academy. Fingers crossed. Happiness for me would be a hormone filled 17 year old girl free peaceful house. Ha Ha!! or is that me being too honest? That book looks really lovely. Have a great week.


  8. Well done James! You must be really proud.

    Lou xxx