Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hope you are all loved up!
This little man is.
Mr D has been busy painting.
Boring I know but it looks so much better, I had covered the walls in lots of red flowers it took him loads of paint to cover them.
Well it was the thing to do a couple of years ago.
Yes someone Loves me!

I am making bunting to put up.
The only thing is that Percy keeps running off with things.HELP!

I am going to give up till he is a sleep!

Flowers and my fruit basket.

My next post will be my first give away.
Keep well and happy!
 Love Lesley.x 


  1. Love your lillies they're my favourite flowers, Lucey xx

  2. I spotted your little watering can on your shelf, i love it! i have a couple that i have little plants in and they look so pretty, well done on your bunting, i have some still unfinished that i was doing for a christening ages ago, but its turned out to be another unfinished project to add to my list! have a super day..x

  3. Hi Lesley
    Just popped by to say hello, thank you for the comment and how nice to meet you. I love your blog banner and your garden (especially the bunting), a lady after my own heart. I will be back to see some more of your makes and super flowers again.