Thursday, 5 May 2011

I love this around the front door so I am going to keep it up.
Jenny got this for me for just £2.00 at a car boot, It is now a lovely cream and I love it.
My garden is going mad we so need some rain!
My new veg bed.
Sweet peas coming along nicely.
Think Percy needs a hair cut, Oh I do love him so much.
Hope you are enjoying the weather long may it keep going "just some rain at night please!"
Love Lesley x


  1. We've got rain right now, so it might be coming your way next!

  2. Do leave the bunting up it looks lovely, and here we are asking for rain in England in May!!! Just a small shower would do, Lucey xx

  3. Your garden looks fantastic Lesley! I love your porch too. :) Percy always looks so content! I bet he loves you so much too.

  4. Your precious Percy brought a tear to my eye, he looks so happy and contented snuggled up. Since having my beloved Pebbles put to sleep I get very emotional looking at dogs, give him a cuddle from me xx

  5. It is raining here now, my garden really does need it. Percy looks so adorable, Poppy is due a hair cut, she looks like a bear at the moment.

    I hope you have a lovely best do a rain dance.

    Lou xxx

  6. Just found your blog so thought I'd say hello from a fellow Swindon blogger! Think we might have rain this weekend - the garden sure needs it. Love the bunting.

  7. It has rained here too! I can hear the plants giving a huge sigh of relief. My four water butts now have some water in them again, thank goodness.

  8. Percy is a real cutie he would be good friends for my cocker spaniel Dylan. Debs X

  9. Lovely rocking chair, both before and after it's makeover. And such a bargain too!