Saturday, 7 May 2011

It's raining and all my plants are looking very happy.

Went to see a lovely garden yesterday that is going to open this year for our open gardens. It was very very lovely, sorry forgot camera will go back next week and take photo for you.The lady who is opening, lost her bother to cancer when he was just 17.When I am running around like a headless chicken getting everything ready for open gardens, not sleeping.
, worrying about silly things, this is what makes me do it!
I am very lucky that people are so good to me and help me. When I lost my Mum to cancer 14 years ago I promise her, my family and myself to do whatever I could.
Sorry that is enough of that to painful for me!
The only trouble about going around and seeing other peoples gardens I then worry about my own gardens not being up to it, but I give them cream teas to make up for it.
Enjoy the rain if you get any!
Take care Lesley x


  1. Thank heavens for the recent rain boy do we need it, all around here in the Lakes is tinder dry. Anyway we had a fab wedding last weekend set in a lovely country house nr PENRITH...Sadly mums results came back as Breast Cancer she is booked in to have a masectomy on the 18th May so more worry here, but we will deal with it as you do as life can be so cruel sometimes..xx

  2. Hi Lesley

    thanks for your comment on my blog - yes, I will certainly spread the word about your open gardens weekend, unfortunately we're away that weekend, otherwise I'd pop along. I'm sure it'll be a great weekend.

  3. Hi Lesley,
    Thanks for the visiting my blog. Your garden looks so pretty and your visitors very happy in your header photo.

    I spotted Percy in the post below, he is gorgeous, I love my cocker spaniel Jasper so much too!