Monday, 13 June 2011

Busy cleaning cottage for weekend.
Up at 5 worrying about weekends weather mad I know but still!
It is a lovely day here today so when I get home will enjoy the garden with Percy.

Picking lots of sweetpeas love them.
We had some house martins flying over I would love them to bulid a nest on our cottage.Went to see my wonderful Anutie the other day.It was pouring with rain so got out of car and ran to door only to be sent back out to look up and there it was a house martins nest by her bedroom window.My Uncle and I went out to see how many nest we could see on the other houses but theirs was the only one.We were told as children at school that if a house martin nest on your house it will bring luck to you.That is ture for my Auntie as she was told she had skin cancer and has been to hospital and had treatment.They have said only one treatment is needed so that is great news.


  1. hi great news on your auntie,please stop paniking about the weekend it will all go fine... and your flowers are so pretty!x

  2. Lovely photos especially like the bunting on the mantel shelf. Hubby and I love open gardens and your's looks soooo pretty.