Sunday, 12 June 2011

Us all last year.

Oh here it comes again!
I am so looking forward to open gardens just hoping it will have stopped raining by then.
Have decided to have 2 days off before so I can bake and get everything ready.
We have 19 beautiful gardens from very big to very small.
I am hoping to get some photos of the gardens for you, but we will see.

Percy has had his hair cut, oh he looks lovely!
Sorry no photos yet all a bit mad here lots of people coming and going.
Next week the cottage will be a mad house.
I will try and take photos of that for you.
Take care of yourself's
love always Lesley x


  1. It all sounds very exciting. Wishing you lots of luck ... I'm sure it will all go well! Looking forward to seeing the photos.

  2. Poppy is sending Percy a big kiss.... X good luck with the garden open day. I will keep everything crossed for you with the weather.

    Lou xxx