Monday, 19 September 2011

I am pleased to say we are fine now, James and Mr D are back to work and I go back tomorrow.Percy as had a hair cut and looks lovely as always.
I have got paint bush out and painting any think that takes my fancy.
Need to keep busy not thinking about James going off to Uni!
We are going to have a new cooker "Rangemaster classic 90" looking forward to that. I am busy looking in mags for ideas.
Need to tile behind so will need to find something to go with what we already have.
Really enjoying reading your blogs sadly still can't comment on all of them. Love seeing other peoples home nosey I know!
Take care Love Lesley.x


  1. So glad to hear you're all well again. What a terrible thing to happen on your holidays. Good luck, too, with the 'uni thing'. My son went at the weekend. The house seems awfully quiet without him.

  2. Ohh i would love a new cooker, but with a wedding next year to help pay for, i shall have to wait a while...please post a pic of your new cooker so i can sulk and maybe hubby will get me one anyway ha!x

  3. Love that little corner of your kitchen and Percy looks cute posing there! I will be drooling over your new cooker obviously! :0)

  4. Percy looks adorable as always! You lucky girl, I would love one of those cookers.

    Lou xxx