Monday, 3 October 2011

James as gone to Uni.

He packed up all his things and we took him yesterday.

He as a great room over looking a lovely park.

His room is lovely too!
I have read lots of blogs about how hard it is, but at the moment I am just so pleased he is going to fullfill his dream to become a teacher.
It was very hard coming home and leaving him there, but I was ok it was Mr D who cried all the way home.He said did I think I could do it again when I said sorry but we have only got James he said about if we had another baby Had the man gone Mad I think so! bless him.
It is very odd here in the cottage with him not being around and all his things gone.
But we will have just to get used to it and No there is not going to be anymore babies here thankyou Mr D I am 48 thank goodness I am to old for that.
Happy days Love Lesley x


  1. Snap! My son Ben is 18 too and just started at Uni to become a teacher. Proud mums heh! Hope he has a wonderful time. Heather x

  2. Another empty nester here!!! Let's hope all our sons have a great time, and get some work done too!

  3. I haven't really found it hard, just peaceful and calm, the washing machine thinks I have gone on strike, the bathroom is as clean as it has ever been in it's life, now she wants to pop home at the weekend!!!! Trying hard not to say NO!! Not till Christmas.....does that make me a bad Mum???

    Poor Mr D xx

  4. He looks a lovely lad, he'll love it, I bet.

  5. Good luck to your son! He is about to have the time of his life. :)