Thursday, 24 November 2011

Cooker is in and working and I love it!

Have had lots of fun baking in it.
Waiting for the rest of work to be done then Mr D can paint.Not enjoying the work being done would love the kitchen back tidy now.

Percy is being as good as ever,I so love this little fellow.
James come home for weekend I am missing him so much.He will be home for a month over christmas so looking forward to that.
I am really ejoying reading your blogs still can't comment on them all.
Would so love Country Rabbit to come round and set up my dresser her is just beautiful!
I would love bellaboo to come shopping with me she finds the best things ever, and love Nice day at Rosies, Poppy, cotton rose, to be honest love them all!!!

I would love you all to come for tea or mince pies and mulled wine.

We have a new total from Breathrough Breast Cancer it is £19,186.35
What great news I am so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends that help me to full fill my dream to raise as much as I can.

Have a great weekend Love Lesley x


  1. Very smart cooker - Christmas dinner will be a doddle in that!

  2. Keep up the good work, Lesley! I'd love to come for minced pies and mulled wine!