Saturday, 10 December 2011

Oh I am so looking forward to Christmas!

It is very cold here today. I have put up the light we have the tree waiting to come in. That will be a job for tomorrow.

James is coming home for 4 weeks next weekend we can't wait it is really hard not having him around. He is having such a great time at Uni so that makes it OK I think!

James said it is really hard not having Percy around and loves it when he comes home, good that will be someone to walk him for me in the cold.
Have a great weekend Love Lesley x


  1. I love your heart wreath on the door.I would love to take you shopping with me,it would be great! I have to drag myself out of bed to walk Bella on these dark,cold mornings,it's no fun is it?
    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! :0)

  2. Oh I adore the wreath, and enjoy your special family time together with your loved ones :) Hey, thank you for the comment on my tights, you really made me chuckle...ha ha would certainly spice Mr D's Chrictmas up somewhat ;)

    Hugs, xxxx

  3. Wishing you, Percy and your family a Merry Christmas and a fab New Year.
    Don’t forget to give Percy a Christmas kiss from me.

    Lou xxx

    P.S enjoy your time with James.