Thursday, 20 September 2012


I am loving the time at home not working.The cottage is clean and tidy. James is getting ready to go back to Uni.We are taking him to his house that he will be sharing with 3 other lads next week. The girls are moving in next door. "oh what it is to be young." James is loving Uni life and has missed his mates over the summer.It is hard to think that he as done a year already and has only 3 to go then he will be a teacher.I love the fact that he will be living his dream, so many people have said that he must be mad! But he as always said that is what he wants to do.I think it is great as he is only one of 2 boys on his course.
I am loving my walks over the feilds in the morning with Percy now the seasons are changing I love this time of year.The cottages on the lane are now starting to light their wood burners and I love the smell. I will take some photos of my walk tomorrow for you to enjoy too! Have a lovely day whatever you are up to Love Lesley.x


  1. Jose came home as a surprise for my birthday. but other then that she is back up in London. I did have the holidays to look forward to as she had a student transfer so HAD to come home for the holidays, now sadly, she has a job that is based in London, lovely for her but means that I'll only get to see her sometimes.

    Good for James doing a course that will lead to a job he'll love and I am sure be very good at. That is what makes such a difference to young lads growing up, to have a male role model as a teacher.

    Your walks sound really lovely, look forward to sharing them with you in your photos x

  2. And congratulations on getting the job x

  3. So glad he is enjoying his course and looking forward to a bright future. xxx

  4. Aw they grow up so fast ,my eldest son has recently started college and seems to have grown up overnight ,i feel very proud of him xx