Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My lovely boy Percy and me enjoying new mag!
All weekend we where in the garden poor Mr D.I loved it, but not so much fun for him.But I need his help now before he gets back into sailing!
It is so much fun going through gardening books and planning new things.Last year with my opp I did not do as much as I would have liked. Then when I was well enough the rain started and never stopped.
Really looking forward to enjoying time with friends in it too! Think I may have my 50th party in the garden which is in may so lets hope the weather is kinder to us this year! Hope you have a great day love Lesley.x


  1. Percy is adorable. Is he a cocker? Our spaniel eats / chews his bedding so can't be trusted with a comfy bed. His current blanket is torn to shreds and it was only purchased two months ago! I too hope the weather will be kinder this year.

  2. Hello Lesley, That sounds just perfect.
    I am getting all my seeds together tomorrow.. and will be preparing at the weekend the soil with compost for seeding.
    I planted my bulbs too early last year, so will be doing that as well.
    Percy looks very happy and is a cute cocker.
    I love the country magazine.. buy it now and again.
    Hope the weather is nice in May.
    Happy tuesday

  3. Hello Lesley
    Thank you for your lovely comments....
    I've just had a lovely red of your posts and on your blog.
    Lovely piccies of your cottage hun!
    I LOVE your painted bookshelf...

    I'm looking forward to sunnier days also.
    I've got my seed packets at the ready!

    Tilly x