Friday, 19 November 2010

Having a look at old Christmas mags I have always kept all of the Country Living mags to lovely to throw away.
Put on music so Percy and I could have a good sing along (no one else is around)
He loves to sing!
Here is my tea cosy not great but I am going to make some to go in stocking as joke presents.

Enjoying new country living mag with mug of coffee.
When I saw these, loved them so have made some for Christmas presents.

Gingerbread Cookies.
Having a candle party tonight so will have to clean cottage will try and take photos.
Have a great weekend and take care of yourself Love Lesley.
P.S writing my list list for Santa can't decide red or cream AGA! 
I wish.
Health and happiness for my family and friends will do very nicely thanks.


  1. What a good idea for presents! They look really good!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Hi Lesley
    Thanks for stopping by my Blog. The fair I am doing next week is in Toddington village in Gloucestershire, just North of Cheltenham, and not far from turning off the M5. It is held in Toddington village hall and the last one was a really lovely fair. Hope to meet you there if you can make it.
    Jo xx

  3. I was thinking that I would make some of the cookie jars as presents too. Something so different. Thank you for popping in to my blog.