Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hello everyone.
I have been asked to do the wedding flowers for a lovely couple who are getting married on a vintage railway carriage.
How lovely will that be.
All cottage flowers blues and creams.
Also my little man has had a hair cut.
He looks like a different dog bless him.

Mr D has got me this mag for a present for 2 years.
They sent me 2 by mistake Jenny was very pleased as she got the spare one.

Have decided to do the open gardens again. I think I may write to country living mag to see if they would like to come and take some photos. I don't think they will but hey oh!
I am enjoying looking at garden mags to get ideas for the garden,
Jenny as got her back now so has got lots of curls.Sorry have just looked at her on photo I have just added.
I love them all.

More flowers because I love them .
Take care Lesley.x

1 comment:

  1. Your arrangements are beautiful! Wish I was on your side of the world to attend your open garden!
    hugs, Amber